Our Services

  • dunbar hardwoods restoration

    Wooden floors give your home a warm, welcoming feel. Over time however, hardwood floors can be damaged by daily wear and tear. Worn paint or varnish detracts from the classic look of your hardwood floor.
    Wood floors can also be dulled by humidity or weather.
    Despite this, all is not lost.
    Dunbar Hardwoods can restore your old damaged hardwood floor to a new polished sheen.

  • dunbar hardwoods floating floor

    Dunbar Hardwoods offers the following complete range of custom floor installations.
    1- Full Nail-Down floors on plywood sub-floors
    2- Glue-down floors on cement sub-floors and radiant heat floors
    3- Floating Floors
    4- Double glue-down flooring and glued down noise suppression followed by glue-down engineered flooring
    We install condo and apartment hardwood flooring that meets all strata requirements for noise suppression.

  • dunbar hardwoods staining

    Dunbar Hardwoods offers a variety of wood stains to choose from.
    We also help our customers select the ideal stain and grain to enhance the beauty of their home.
    Please call Ed at 778-228-5865 to make an appointment to personally discuss your options.

  • dunbar hardwoods dustless sanding

    Sanding floors can be messy, leaving layers of dust on the surfaces and furniture of your home pr business. At Dunbar Hardwoods we use the lates in Dust Containment Systems to ensure minimal residue.
    In addition, our company's Daily Dustless Finishing System guarantees that we will leave your entire space looking as good as your floors, both during installation and after.

  • dunar hardwoods sandless finishing

    Pre-finished flooring with hand scraping and wire brushed textures has become a popular alternative to traditional hardwood. However, when these floors become worn and require sanding, their texture can be lost leaving surfaces smooth and even looking. "Sandless" finishing utilizes state-of-the-art-equipment to prepare your floor for recoating in a way that maintains their unique look and texture.
    Residential and retail/commercial sites are all prime candidates for this quick, cost effective maintenance system. Because sandless finishing doesn"t require complete resanding of your floor, it reduces down time and inconvienience. The "sandless" system can also keep your flooring looking fresh and vibrant. Realtors often use this to refresh and revitalize before listing a property for sale.

  • dunbar hardwoods gym floor

    Dunbar Hardwoods offers gym floor installation for schools or sports auditoriums of any size..

    We install, clean, scrub and refinish floors as well as add or refresh paint lines, on any residential, commercial, or school gym facility.

  • dunbar hardwoods mall flooring

    If you are a home or business owner and have pre-finished, hand-scraped or wire brush flooring, call Dunbar Hardwoods to utilize our sandless finishing and keep your residential or retail floors always looking fresh. Let us maintain and re-coat your floor before you have to incur the expense of sanding or replacing your entire floor.

  • dunbar hardwoods custom flooring

    At Dunbar Hardwoods, we can create custom flooring specific to your needs. We purchase raw material straight from the lumber yard and have it cut at the mill to your exact measurements. Then we professionally install and finish your floors to the highest standard of craftsmanship, quality and beauty. Call us at 778-228-5685 for more details about our custom made-to-order flooring for your home or business.

  • dunbar hardwoods delivery

    We deliver your product through out the Lower Mainland, Whistler, Fraser Valley and Island get aways.